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Our products have a history dating back to 1320. According to legend the first wafer was baked by Jacob the Baker. Everybody liked these wafers very much and so the tradition of city wafers begun. It was restored in the 18th century. We have set the goal to continue this long-established tradition and offer you a gift with a taste of Prague.

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Jacob the Baker first baked wafers by coincidence in 1320. He became part of Prague's history and created a tradition of city wafers, each large city had its own wafer iron with city's seal baking its own wafers. This tradition was later re-established by bakers Otto and Max. And we want to bring back Jacob's wafers and continue his tradition and bake for you a gift with a taste of Prague. Bring home a souvenir that truly reflects Prague.

You can find illustrated stories here.


with Tradition

Czech delicacies for every Prague's visitor reflecting its history, flavour and romance. Our products have a tradition dating back to the medieval tiems. Right on the package you can find illustrated stories, which tell the story of product's origin.

Original Prague wafers and wafer rolls

Prague Wafers


Prague Wafers

Traditional Czech city wafers with rich Prague artwork and illustrated story on the packaging. We bake them in two flavours - genuine chocolate and genuine hazelnut.


Prague Wafer Roll

Traditional rolled wafer with cinnamon, honey and walnut. Prague Wafer Roll also has an unique and traditional way of eating it.

Prague wafer rolls

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Prague souvenirs

For Prague's visitors, we also offer original souvenirs that reflect the Czech Republic and its rich history. Our products are ideal if you want a wonderful gift that is really typical for Prague.

Prague souvenirs

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We will be very happy if you try our products for yourself. Just click and fill out the form. We happily send you wafers anywhere.

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Our products?

Our products are available in these selected stores in Prague. On the map you can find the nearest shop or you can buy wafers online.

On the map you can find the partner stores, but wafers but can be purchased from any good vendor. If you did not find the wafers at your vendor, please let us know..

Prague wafers supply bicycle around Prague



To supply stores in Prague we also use company bicycle. You can see in the streets of Old Town and Lesser Town. It is an ideal transport in the narrow and beautiful streets of Prague and it is very eco-friendly.

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